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Discover our "PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPHED" offerings of books, artwork, musicians, and storytellers here by a select group of southern authors, artists, and storytellers.

Stories Under A Southern Shade Tree

Pull up a chair at Ritchie' Roost in Shocco, Mississippi and visit for a while. [MORE]


With this collection of tales, master short story author John M. Floyd invites us once more to ... [MORE]

Consider the Lilies of the Field

An uplifting watercolor limited print of white iris on a field of deep blue. [MORE]

Mississippi Blood

In Mississippi Blood, renowned Mississippi author Hewitt Clarke untangles a web of violence and deceit ... [MORE]

Looking for a unique, cool, low-cost and lasting gift for someone, or even for yourself, personally autographed by the author

There is just something about the South that creates great artists and writers. Whether it is the rich history with which we all grew up, or whether it is simply the sultry climate that sparks a person's creative urge, it is undeniable that more than its share of great writers, musicians, singers, and artists have emerged from the South.

This site is dedicated to all of the talented people in the South.

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New Release by Diane Williams
Diane Williams has gathered these local legends and has compiled then into an inquisitive, laugh-out loud collection.

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How is your day going? I'm thinking that we need a break from today. Are you tired of political wrangling? Do you wonder if the politicians really serve the people? [More]

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This is a long buried true story, dark and foreboding, some of it almost unbelievable. Kemper County, Mississippi didn't actually take it's moniker, "Bloody Kemper" from the bright red soil, as some local parents would like their children to believe. [More]

Wednesday April 23, 2014